Power Lines

It is important to have the knowledge about different high voltage power lines and their construction. Electricity has become an essential part of our life. They are considered as a revolutionary invention for the developments of human beings. The evident importance of electricity has marked the importance for the correct knowledge about the power lines construction.

What is High Voltage Power Line?

Do you know what a power line is, how are they constructed or what are high voltage power lines? Overhead power lines construction is a structure that is solely used for electric power transmission. The other use of this structure is to distribute electricity over large areas. In this structure, the main component is conductors that can be one or more than one in number, either in multiple of three that are suspended by a pole. For a large quantity of power transmission, these construction power lines are the cheapest method as the insulation is mostly provided by the air.

The transmission lines of high voltage are used as central generating stations for the main substations. The other work of using these high voltage power lines are for the power transmission between one central station to another for load sharing.

Issues with Power lines

The main point of concern in these power lines is the loss of power known as line loss or power loss that makes a huge backlash on the financial condition on the owner of these power lines. These losses occur due to heat dissipation caused from the resistance of the conductors. Less surface area is required by high voltages, resulting in a loss which is lesser than the regular scenario. The high voltage cables use not only the conductors but the insulators so that these lines can be used for underground and underwater purposes.

What are the harms caused by high voltage power lines?

These high voltage power lines are life threatening as the number of deaths and accidents caused due to these lines are increasing over the years.

Stay away from the danger by:

  • Avoidance

Avoid carrying out work near overhead lines. It can be dangerous.

  • Diversion

The work area should be clear of all overhead lines.

  • Isolation

The lines should be dead when the work is in progress.

These are a few steps that should be followed with complete seriousness as a simple negligence can put your life on stake.

If working beneath the construction power lines are inevitable then what should be done?

There is a list of precautions that must be followed to keep you at bay away from all the dangers.

  • Clearance – Get a clearance from the owner that working beneath the power lines is completely safe.
  • Exclusion – Make sure that tools, plants or equipment specified to be kept away from power lines should not be brought underneath it.
  • Modifications – The power lines safety zone would not be entered. The cranes and the excavators should be modified accordingly.
  • Additions – Fly jib can be added to the cranes for the betterment of the lines.
  • Supervision- The work should be carried out under certified personnel.

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