Services and Stringing Equipment

Our services include:

  • Foundation work
  • Crane, gin-pole and helicopter assisted steel erection
  • Conductor stringing including OPGW
  • Refurbishment of existing installations
  • Maintenance and upgrade of installations
  • Telecommunications tower and hardware erection
  • Access to design and build services.

Our stringing equipment:

  • 2x Teema 14 tx14 t winches
  • 2x Teema 3tx3t winches
  • Pulleys single
  • Pulleys OPGW
  • Pulleys helicopter with earthing device
  • Presses, dies,rewinders,sleds,drum carriers,drawwire,comealongs,gondolas
  • crane truck, 4×4 vehicles, sundry rigging equipment


H V Power Lines
Telecommunication Towers
Railway Conductor Systems
Stringing Equipment