Welcome to Rigging Construction

Rigging Constructions has established its reputation by providing high quality installation, renovation and construction services to commercial, industrial and public sectors.
We take you from preparation to the turning of the front door key.

Rigging Construction Pty Ltd holds the following current accreditations.
ISO 9001, BSOHSAS18001, ISO14001

Rigging Construction has achieved full registration on the Asia Pacific Utilities Group Supplier Management System (APUG SMS)


H V Power Lines
Telecommunication Towers
Railway Conductor Systems
Stringing Equipment


Our services include:

  • Foundation work
  • Crane, gin-pole and helicopter assisted steel erection
  • Conductor stringing including OPGW
  • Refurbishment of existing installations
  • Maintenance and upgrade of installations
  • Telecommunications tower and hardware erection
  • Access to design and build services.

Our stringing equipment:

  • 2x Teema 14 tx14 t winches
  • 2x Teema 3tx3t winches
  • Pulleys single
  • Pulleys OPGW
  • Pulleys helicopter with earthing device
  • Presses, dies,rewinders,sleds,drum carriers,drawwire,comealongs,gondolas
  • crane truck, 4x4 vehicles, sundry rigging equipment