Substation Works

The best substation works in-class

Rigging Construction is one of the leading companies in its domain. We have built up our name on years of experience, and high quality, top notch service. We offer a variety of services including substation works, HV power lines, Telecommunication towers, Railway overhead conductor systems and much more. We have a team of highly dedicated and skilled engineers who have years of experience. Our long list of satisfied customers is all the testimony we need.

Constructing or revamping a substation is no easy job. You need the right mix of trained engineers and precise equipment to do it. Our priority is our client’s needs, and we design and develop the substation keeping all that in mind. We ensure that the project undertaken is completed not only in due time but also is top-notch at the same time.

The team @ Rigging Construction

The substation works team at Rigging Construction is staffed with seasoned engineers and technicians who not only have the experience needed to pull off big projects but also come up with regular innovations to solve any problem that crops up.

The services @ Rigging Construction

The list of services includes:

  • Foundation work
  • Conductor Stringing including OPGW
  • Maintenance and upgrade of installations
  • Telecommunications tower
  • Hardware erection
  • Access to design and build services
  • Refurbishment of existing installations
  • Crane, helicopter assisted steel erection and gin-pole

Substation works @ Rigging Construction

We are a more than 3-decade old company which specializes in maintenance and construction of high voltage transmissions line.

Substation works

Our people at Rigging Construction takes care of every substation service you need including the construction of one from scratch or revamping and upgrading it to suit your needs. The substation services include steel design installation; overhead and underground transmission lines design and installation; build operate maintain services for projects; Steel, Concrete and wood transmission construction; handling HV Substation to Breaker upgrades; pole line constructions; cable pulling; fault location and so on.


We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of work. We have strict codes that need to be met and have set up high standards. Regular inspections and tests are done to keep a check on everything. Not only this, but we also control and dispose of the waste generated safely, and have the best health and safety standards in class. Every part of the process, from tendering to planning to actually executing goes through a number of rigorous tests and gets scrutinized under a number of trained eyes before anything goes down.

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