Recent Contracts

Type of Work
Hays Inlet to Southpine.
Assemble and erect Transmission Line Towers All stringing works completed with RC equipment and crew. 110 kv Transmisson Line.
Western Power, Neerabup
Tower assembly and erection project
Northern Terminal 330kv Double Circuit Transmission Line
Powerlink Pack Projects, Broadsound
Nebo 330kv Double Circuit and Nebo Bolingbroke 132kv single circuit
Transmission Lines assist of the Stringing works
ETSA Utilities Pty Ltd, SA
Prominent Hill – Roxby Downs 180km of 132kv Single Circuit Transmission Line for ETSA Utilities Pty Ltd Assembled and Erect of 440 steel Lattice Towers and Complete 180km Stringing of 3 Conductors and Earth wire with RC Equipment
Tower erection and assembly and stringing works
Western Power, Waneroo
Pinjar 132kv and Bluewater PowerStation arrangements for 330kv D/C Transmission Lines
Tower erection and assembly and Assist on Stringing Project
Powerlink Pack Project, Nebo to Pioneer Valley
132kv Double Circuit Transmission Line for the Pack project
Tower erection and assembly
Powerlink Pack Project, Murrarie to Belmont
330kv D/C Transmission Line and assist on Stringing
Tower erection and assembly
Ergon Energy, Rolleston QLD
132kv T/Line Blackwater
Dress and Erection of 360 concrete Poles
Transgrid, Coffs Harbour
Substation 330kv D/C
Transmission Line Arrangements
Western Power, WA
Pinjar-Cataby-Eneabba 132k T/L
Assisting of Stringing and Associated Works.
Transgrid, NSW
Tuggerah-Sterling 330kv T/Line
Erect Lattice Towers, Steel Poles & Dismantle Old Line
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Roof Bolt Tightening Project
Retightening Roof Bolts at Olympic Park Railway Station.
Telstra Aust.
Cape/Grim Waterhouse Tasmania
Refurbishment of two 76m Communication Radio Towers
Blackwal-Belmont 330kv T/Line
Sag Termination, Clamp in of Conductors & Earth Wires.
Transgrid, NSW
Coffs Harbour to Kempsey 132kv
Assisting with the Stringing Works.
Stanwell-Broadsound 275kv T/L
Run Conductors and Stringing Works.
Strathmore Substation 132kv T/L
Construction of new T/Line 4 Strain Towers & 6 C/Pole.
SPI Power, VIC
Keilor to Wodonga 330kv T/Line
Replacement of Erath Wire With OPGW on T/Lines
Transgrid, NSW
Maddens Planes NSW
Pre-Assembly and Erect a 70 m Communication R/Tower
Powerlink QLD
Communication R/Towers QLD
Install Fall Arrest Systems on Radio Towers and Poles.
Powerlink QLD
Tarong Nth-Power Station 275kv
Construction of new double Circuit Transmission Line.
Pelican Point 275kv D.C T/Line
Construction of new line to Torrens Island.
Powerlink, QLD
Tarong—Chinchilla T/Line
Re-locate approx. 8km of existing transmission line.
Powerlink, QLD
Callide “B” to “C” Interlink 132kv
Construction of approx. 3km new line.
Powerlink, QLD
Tarong—Braemer 275kv
Interlink Connections.
Powerlink, QLD
Oakey—Middleridge 110kv T/Line
Erect concrete & steel poles; dismantle redundant lines.
Powerlink, QLD
Tarong—Calvale 275kv T/Line
Interconnector arrangements at Tarong and Calvale.
SunMetal Refinery, Townsville
Refinery—Stuart Power Station
New 132kv double circuit transmission line (all phases)..
Powerlink, QLD
Tarong—Blackwell 275kv
Rebuild 5 towers due to severe storm damage at Harlen.
Australia Energy
Dismantle 132 D.C T/Line
Dismantle transmission towers for new stadium.
Western Mines
Port Augusta—Olympic Dam T/L
Pre-assemble and erect transmission towers.
Intergril, NSW
Penrith—Wellacia 132kv.
Pre-assemble and erect transmission towers.
Transgrid, NSW
Maintenance—NSW wide
Steel reinforcements on numerous towers.
Hydro Electric, Tas.
Lipootah—Palmerston 220kv.
Pre-assemble and erect transmission towers.
Telstra & NDC
Construction—Aust. wide
Erect numerous telecommunication towers.
Optus & Vodafone
Construction—NSW and QLD
Mobile cell phone communication towers.
NSW Railways
Maintenance—Sydney Metro.
Ongoing overhead wiring maintenance (for the last 14 years). Also 11kv upgrade on railway power lines.
H V Power Lines
Telecommunication Towers
Railway Conductor Systems
Stringing Equipment