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Taking care of all your stringing needs

Rigging Construction are specialists in setting up HV power lines, Telecommunication towers and railway overhead conductor systems. We are one of the leading companies in our domain that takes care of all your stringing equipment and operation related needs. Our aim is to provide high quality installations, renovation and construction services in all the sectors. We take you through each and every step of the process and offer you a variety of services related including stringing. We have the set of world class stringing equipment and machines, which when paired with our team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, solves every problem no matter how big. All the stringing machines are made using top of the line products manufactured by a state of the art technology.

The long list of services includes:

  • Setting up a strong foundation for erecting poles for the overhead transmission lines.
  • Erecting the poles using a crane, gin-pole or in some cases, the helicopter also.
  • Stringing the conductors including OPGW
  • Check, service and refurbish the existing installation in place.
  • Maintenance related work of the installations.
  • Setting up and erecting telecommunication towers.

The field of expertise is spread over a number of domains that include:

Construction of overhead transmission line

One of the most important tasks at Rigging Construction namely, construction of overhead transmission line needs highly precise instruments along with an experienced team to man them. Everything from setting up the foundation for the tower to erecting the transmission lines is taken care of by us.

Underground cable installation

We not only construct overhead transmission lines but also underground cable installations that have a number of advantages over the former including freewheeling, fast changing of the reel and large bull wheel diameter.

Antenna construction

We also take care of all the telecommunication needs by setting up tower and antennas from scratch.

Maintaining an existing service

Rigging Construction not only helps you in building up things from scratch but also helps in keeping your services up to date. We run regular maintenance checks and upgrade installations when required.

Our experienced team is equipped and well versed with world class stringing equipment. Our arsenal includes:

  • Pulleys single
  • Pulleys OPGW
  • Pulleys helicopter with earthing device
  • 2x Teema 14 tx14 t winches
  • Crane truck, sundry rigging equipment, 4×4 vehicles,
  • Presses, sleds, dies, come along, drum carriers, rewinders, drawwire, gondolas
  • 2x Teema 3tx3t winches

With the most advanced stringing machines in place, it becomes easier to distribute energy across larger parts of the area. The stringing machines are perfectly suitable for fiber optics, high voltage transmission lines and underground cables. Stringing equipment required for these intensive purposes need to be of superior quality and hassle free. The accessories are specific in nature and require high tensile materials.

We, at Rigging Construction produce these materials for the better transmission of electricity with the minimum possible dissipation. Feel free to contact us at

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