Power Transformer

Power Transformer – A necessity for one and all

Transformers not only have become an integral part of our day-to-day life, but the importance of transformers has increased tremendously in the regular use as well. Electricity may be considered as the biggest invention of the human history, but power transformer has been the invention of safety for all those human lives that have been hampered from the short circuits and accidents caused due to the greatest invention that we call electricity have been assured safety and reconciliation since its premise.

We all know that electricity is foremost the best invention in the human history but with this great invention arrived the danger or most appropriately said life threatening dangers as well. With the invention of power transformers, the possibility of short circuit and hence the danger of accidents caused due to the electricity also decreased. People now feel safer and less vulnerable to dangers that are imminent in the society.

But the main question is what a power transformer is?

If defined in simple words, the power transformer is a static machine that is used to transform one circuit to another without changing its frequency. Without a transformer, it would have been difficult to produce and transmit electricity. Transformers, in short, have made the human lives a lot easier.

What is the use of the transformer?

Transformers are used as a medium to step-up or increase the voltage prior to transmitting electricity over a long range via wires. Wires possess resistance that is lost quite effortlessly through “joule heating” at a rate that is equivalent to current squared. The process of power transformation to a higher voltage facilitates inexpensive conduction of power and distribution. Therefore, transformers have held their fort in shaping the electricity industry, allowing generations to be located tenuously from points of demand. All but a tiny fraction of the world’s electrical power is first passed via a string of transformers and then reaches the consumers.

Transformers find a comprehensive use in electronic products as well. A simple step-down or decrease in the voltage supply to reach the optimum level does the trick for the low voltage circuits. The transformer is capable of electrically isolating the end user from making contact with the supply voltage.

Power Transformers find use in the Distribution Network as well. They directly connect to the consumer such that the load fluctuations are very high. The transformers are not fully loaded so the it is the whole day round that the iron losses take place. The losses depend on the cycle. It is only at 75% of the full load that the maximum efficiency takes place. The efficiency is calculated on the basis of power because the concept stands independent of the time factor. The distribution transformers are generally made of 70% efficiency.

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